Orange County Director

Ed Frierson

My name is Edward Frierson I am the Orange County District Director for PICA.  I want to extend a warm welcome to the PICA Family and in particular the Orange County District.

The primary purpose of the District meetings are the following:

* The meetings are to serve three purposes: training, networking with other P.I.'s and a meal.

* Guest speakers are experts in the subject area in which they are making a presentation.

* For some attendees, this material will be new and interesting.  For others it will serve as a refresher course.

* The opportunity to network in person and establish relationships that may lead to direct referrals.

The first meeting of the year will be mid-March 2017.  The information will be posted on the PICA website under "Upcoming Events" to the Listserve and through an e-mail blast sent to the PICA mailing list.

I would like to meet with any industry professional at a Starbucks of your choice and we can talk more about PICA and other areas of private investigations that are of interest to you.  At your convenience, reply to my email when you are available to meet in person and I will pay for the coffee.

Edward M. Frierson, PI
PICA OC District Director
657-261-1864 Cell
714-731-7042 Business

Certified Chinese Interpreter


PICA member, Samuel Chong, is one of only 30 certified court interpreters of Mandarin Chinese in all of California.

Samuel comes from Beijing, China and arrived in the United States in 1993 at age 15. After obtaining degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, the London School of Economics, and Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain, he opened his own Chinese learning center. He started with one-on-one classes, teaching not only the language, but also Chinese culture.

Samuel is also a former instructor for the Court Interpreters Program at University of California, Los Angeles Extension Program.

He specializes in translating legal and financial documents as well as interpreting as a certified court interpreter for patent and complex litigation cases involving companies located in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, and mainland China.

Translation services include legal documents, contracts, medical records, birth certificates, certificates of graduation and court transcripts.

Samuel's company protects the safety, security and confidentiality of their clients documents. Information is never shared with an undisclosed third party.  If necessary, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed before clients send them the documents to be translated.

Samuel "Sam" Chong
Abacus Consulting Services
626-487-8909 Business
626-487-8909 Cell

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