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IRBfocus offers Business Searches and reports. Uncover information that helps your background checks. With more than 30 million firms in the United States, finding information about businesses can be a daunting task. Access searches within IRBfocus to find the details you need.


  • Business Search:  Uncover business relationships, assets, and details that are not available to the general public.
  • Business Report: A Business Report lists all the details about a business entity.
  • Corporate Filing: Corporate records list information such as charter number, state of origin, record date, registered agent information, and more.
  • UCC Filing: Includes documents such as financing statements, security instruments, and federal tax liens as well as other types of lien filings.
  • Motor Vehicle Search: Detail owner, registrant, and lien holder information, as well as vehicle data. Also includes boats, trailers, RVs, and other assets registered with a specific state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Take advantage of IRB's absolutely free trial and start your application now! Fill out a short application online and their friendly sales team will get you started.

Phone: 800.447.2112

Large Event Security


On Sunday, June 25, 2017, PICA Districts, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego will be holding a joint meeting at a private luxury box at the 66ers, San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino.

The educational speaker is a representative from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Special Events Unit, teaching us about "Large Event Security."

The discounted ticket price of $35.00 includes an all you can eat, two-hour BBQ, of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, baked beans, potato salad, chips, soda and water. Parking at the stadium is an additional $5.00 upon arrival.

Limited seating, be sure to register to attend now. RESERVE MY SEAT


Skopenow is an open source search engine that uses social media data to build digital records for skip tracing, evidence discovery, fraud detection, and due-diligence purposes.

Skopenow uses an interactive platform that allows users to conduct an investigation through screen captures and proxies, the monthly recurring plans allow users to *track social media and web activity on a weekly or monthly basis.

Andres Arevalo, of Skopenow is excited to work with PICA and would like to extend 10% off any of their monthly recurring plans to PICA members. They are also offering a 7 day free trial (no commitment needed) and hands-on demonstrations to all members which can be accessed here:

Andres Arevalo / Business Development / 646-707-8843
Skopenow, Inc.

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